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On-demand server assistance by nocinit can come in all forms, from kernel panic to preventative measures against data loss. Whatever the specific service being provided, our expert server technicians will use their impressive knowledge to deliver a perfect execution every time.

In short, our work unleashes a server’s true potential – shredding load times, bulking up security, and proactively preparing for high traffic, data loss protection, and other important concerns. We pride ourselves on our ability to scale and our server offerings can be tailored to meet the needs of everyone from small, personal sites to complex corporate online presences.


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Case studies

Magento Website - 16 Milion Requests per Day

The problem

A large magento store serving 220.000 world wide visitors daily was suffering with very high load averages during peak hours with a setup of (Nginx, FPM and MySQL) their old hardware being (Intel Xeon E5-2620v2 2.1Ghz – 12 Cores / 24 Threads, 32GB Ram, 256GB SSD RAID 10) on a non cloud service provider. The e-commerce team of the company was very concerned that the high load averages were affecting the website's sales.

After reaching out to us, we carefully audited the server setup and studied the website and we came to the conclusion the website could do much better.

The solution

We started building a new infrastructure with Amazon Web Services, with a base server of 8 Cores, 32GB Ram and IO Optimized EBS Storage and setting up auto scaling to better handle traffic during peak hours. MySQL was replaced with the latest version of MariaDB 10.3 and nginx was replaced with Litespeed Web Server.

The website was transferred to the new server, and uncached pages including the backend were feeling already much faster. As a next step we replaced Magento FPC with Litespeed’s Litemage Cache which skyrocketed the performance and gave us an incredible page load time of 0.9 Seconds for cached pages. Finally we implemented AWS Cloudfront CDN for visitors not close to the central US server.

As a result of our infrastructure planning and performance tuning, in the next 4 months the company increased sales by 17%.



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