Linux Server Management

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From bloggers to business websites and online shops to hosting companies, nocinit works with the full spectrum of server needs. Our server management plans are the perfect answer to remove the hassle and difficulties of maintaining top quality performance.

All of our server management packages come with our signature support, emergency response, and proactive monitoring to identify issues before they happen. We’ll handle all tasks with precision to keep your server running smoothly in the background – as it should be.

Our Server Management Workflow


Server Audit

We start with a full evaluation of the existing server configuration to identify potential security flaws and settings that could be limiting the server’s speed and ability to handle traffic loads.

Tweaking and Testing

Using the results from our server audit, we’ll begin optimizing the server with enhanced security features. All changes are first enabled using simulation mode before going live to maintain service continuity.

A close watch

We’ll also install and configure advanced server monitoring tools for real-time alerts of server issues and regular maintenance to keep the server updated and running at its full capacity.

Complete Protection

With all adjustments made, the server is now secure and in good hands – the nocinit team will be ready to respond immediately to any and all server issues.

Benefits of a Managed Server

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Do I really need Server Management and Monitoring for my server?
A non-maintained server is ripe for hacking attempts, downtime, and slowed performance. At nocinit, we provide a full-featured server management solution that ensures your server is always up to date and protected against everything from malware injections to DDoS attacks. In addition, our always-on monitoring will keep performance optimal at all times.
2Does your service make my server bulletproof?
No it doesn’t, and no such service ever will. When we perform security hardening and regular updates, you’ll have the best prevention in place against hackers and other intruders, but there’s no absolute protection possible. If an attack happens, our monitoring will give us the data needed for a timely, effective resolution.
3Can you guarantee the uptime of my servers?
Unfortunately, no server management service can guarantee complete protection against power outages and other factors outside their control. However, the advanced techniques and powerful software used by nocinit minimize your server issues and provide a safety net for lightning-fast response in the case of downtime.
4How quickly are service tickets handled?
Based on the package you choose, we offer different levels of service priority that outline our response time. However, nocinit has a track record of incredible response and average a 75% faster response time than indicated by our server management plans.
5Do you offer discounts for multiple servers?
For larger-scale server managements, we’re happy to develop a custom quote for our services. Feel free to contact us with your needs and we’ll prepare a personalized service cost.


We offer three tiers of professional Linux Server Management and Monitoring.

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