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We do the heavylifting for your servers and get you back to running your business.

As a business owner or commercial manager, your time is precious – and whether operating a complex online shop, a WordPress website or a Hosting Company, the very last thing on your mind and on your schedule should be server issues and certainly your server management.

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Our cPanel Server Management Workflow

Let us walk you through the steps we take in order to properly secure and monitor your server.

  • Getting Started

  • Security evaluation of your server in order to identify flaws that could expose your server to attacks.
  • Analyzing of services configuration files for performance degredation.
Server audit report for a new cPanel Server Management client
  • Security & Performance

  • We harden your server's Kernel to protect it against network attacks.
  • Web Application Firewall installation with our own crafted rules, protecting your applications from popular attacks.
  • Performance optimization for Nginx, Apache and MySQL to get the most out of your server's available resources.
Fixes on audit report for cPanel Server Management client
  • A close watch

  • Your server is added on our monitoring software which has over 15 alarm triggers that provide us with a constant flow of information.
  • We receive backup success/failure notifications for your server on our custom backup monitoring system.
  • Our experts monitor your server 24x7x365 and are ready to respond on all incidents.
Cpanel Server Monitoring graph showing server load

cPanel Server Management Benefits

Our cPanel Server Management plans were designed to make having your own Linux server hassle free.

For our tech-savvy customers

In-depth information about our monitoring procedures included with every cPanel Server Management plan


Intrusion Detection System

We monitor your system for non-whitelisted system processes, malware upload attempts (MD5 Signature Matching) and account bruteforce attacks.

Database Limitations

To prevent server resources abuse, we install our toolkit which monitors and kills immediately SQL Queries that have been running for excessive periods of time.

Web Application Firewall

Based on your Web Server (Apache, Nginx, Litespeed) type we install various filters that prevent excessive requests from the same IP address and we also block known attacks for popular CMS exploits against your web application.

Account Resources Limiting

For system accounts that are constantly using excessive server resources, we can apply a limitation for CPU/RAM/DISK/Network if requested. Furthermore, to limit database (MySQL/MariaDB) resources abuse, we install our toolkit which monitors and kills SQL Queries that have been running for excessive periods of time

Custom Coded Scripts

At nocinit we constantly develop new scripts and code snippets that are used on all our managed servers to improve security, performance and on-time reporting of incidents. Once a month we'll update and install our scripts on your server.

Manual Security Checking

While we have many security mechanisms in place, once a month your server will manually be scanned for rootkits, potential infection on your websites and repeated requests across individual websites.


We offer three tiers of professional cPanel Server Management and Monitoring

* All prices exclude 24% VAT, customers who are VAT Registered or reside outside the European Union are not subject to VAT.
** FREE Server Optimization is included with a minimum prepayment of 3 months for cPanel server management.

Frequently Asked Questions

No fake guarantees. Honesty comes first when you work with us.

1Do I really need cPanel Server Management and Monitoring for my server?
A non-maintained server is ripe for hacking attempts, downtime, and slowed performance. At Nocinit, we provide a full-featured server management solution that ensures your server is always up to date and protected against everything from malware injections to DDoS attacks. In addition, our always-on monitoring will keep performance optimal at all times. With this in mind, the question you should ask yourself is how critical the stability of your server is.
2Does your service make my server bulletproof?
No it doesn’t, and no cPanel Server Management service ever will. When we perform security hardening and regular updates, you’ll have the best prevention in place against hackers and other intruders, but there’s no absolute protection possible. If an attack happens, our monitoring will give us the data needed for a timely, effective resolution.
3Can you guarantee the uptime of my servers?
Unfortunately, no cPanel server management service can guarantee complete protection against power outages and other factors outside their control. However, the advanced techniques and powerful software used by nocinit minimize your server issues and provide a safety net for lightning-fast response in the case of downtime.
4How quickly are service tickets handled?
Based on the package you choose, we offer different levels of service priority that outline our response time. However, nocinit has a track record of incredible response and average a 75% faster response time than indicated by our cPanel server management plans.
5Do you offer discounts for multiple servers?
For larger-scale cPanel server management environments, we’re happy to develop a custom quote for our services. Feel free to contact us and with attention to your needs we’ll prepare a personalized service cost.

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