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Saving you time is one thing, and ensuring that your site is up and running as it should another. Yet beyond these two critical elements of our service, there lies an equally as important a task for our team – and that’s the protection of your investment. Our Linux Server Support Services can be ordered on demand to complete individual server tasks.

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Support Tickets Resolved


Disaster Attacks Prevented


Sites Hosted on our Customer's Servers


Daily Web Requests Processed

Apache, Nginx & Litespeed

We can help you fine tune your Web Server settings to get the most out of your server's hardware, use the latest available configurations and modules to reduce TTFB, Static and Dynamic content caching and more!

MySQL and MariaDB

Having a big database can cause significant delays for your users. Depending on your needs, we can configure a multi cluster database setup to split the load across different servers and seperate the cluster for read and write operations.

ConfigServ Firewall

Being one of the most used Firewalls for cPanel servers, if properly configured it can protect your server and alert you in times where things get difficult. Network filtering, Bruteforce protection, process and file tracking being the key configuration for the first line of defence.


The defence mechanism filtering web requests to your application cannot by any other than mod_security which fully integrates with cPanel servers. Depending on the type of web applications you host, we will provision proper rules to prevent SQL Injections, Malware Uploads, Local and Remote File Inclussion and many more.

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