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Linux Performance Optimization

Optimize Your Server today for 99€

Unlock Your Server's Potential

Internet users expect websites to load quickly and to be responsive to their requests.

Slow websites can significantly decrease revenue and sales by increasing bounce rates, diminishing user experience, affecting search engine rankings, causing cart abandonment, and hampering mobile performance, ultimately driving potential customers away.

  • Apache/Nginx/Litespeed Optimization
  • MySQL/MariaDB Optimization
  • PHP Optimization
  • Kernel Parameters Optimization
  • Redis Installation



Performance Monitoring

Server management and monitoring play a pivotal role in enhancing server performance.

By continuously monitoring key metrics such as CPU and RAM utilization, as well as network traffic, we proactively identify bottlenecks and resource limitations.

  • Starting at 79€ / month
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What Clients Say
About Us

They are highly professional and maintain outstanding communication (even across time zones). They deal with any issues we have with preciseness and speed! I highly recommend them.

David B.

Director of a Non-Profit

They work more like a partner in the business with a vested interest then an employee, and when you are dealing with client websites and important hosted infrastructures, that is invaluable.

Shaw R.


Amazing experience. We moved 100+ accounts from Hostgator and other shared hostings into a dedicated server. NOCINIT is always responsive, always going the extra mile to keep us happy.

Pantelis P.

Business Owner

Best cpanel server monitoring company, excellent service and always available for support!! I use Nocinit for 5 years without any issues.

Dominique B.

Director of E-Commerce

Great company when it comes to server monitoring. IT Solutions at a high level. Personal Professional Support seams to be their passion. Very fast answers always given. 100% Recommendation!

Marcus M.

Business Owner