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Internet users expect websites to load quickly and to be responsive to their requests.

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Why Linux Performance Optimization Matters

Consumers Demand The Best

Internet savvy consumers have very little tolerance for slow-loading websites. How little? A 1 second delay in loading time can reduce page views by 11% and decrease customer satisfaction by 16%.

Google Rewards Fast Websites

Search engines use page load speed as a ranking factor. That means the faster your website loads, the better you rank in search engine results pages.

Higher Conversion Rate

Improving server speed by less than a second can deliver 7% better conversions on your website. That means more money in your pocket.

Reduced Server Costs

Optimized servers use less resources, which reduces your server bills.

Services You Can Trust

Unlike other linux performance optimization services, Nocinit is always upfront about the potential benefits that optimization can provide.

If your website has bad front-end resources or backend code, it can place a limit on the improvements that can be accomplished. You can contact us to confirm if server optimization would make a difference.

In addition to server optimization services, we also provide caching configuration and optimization. Caching can dramatically improve the performance of most websites.

Our Linux Performance Optimization Services

We are a one-stop-shop which provides many forms of server and website performance optimization.

Apache Optimization

Apache is the world’s most popular server, providing a balance of flexibility and portability. Our specialists will update Apache, audit configuration files, remove unused modules, setup correct headers, improve caching, and perform various other improvements to ensure your Apache webserver runs flawlessly.

Nginx Optimization

Nginx is a lightweight web server which can work well in conjunction with Apache running as a reverse proxy or as a primary webserver. We will perform several tweaks to your Nginx to squeeze out more performance including enabling compression, setting up static and dynamic page caching maximizing performance.

Litespeed Optimization

Litespeed is an enterprise web server with a lightning fast PHP SAPI. It is capable of handling much more traffic than nginx and apache. Although Litespeed is fast out-of-the-box, we can still make several changes to improve its performance including configuring dynamic caching, updating PHP configurations, and choosing the right php suEXEC configuration.

PHP Tuning

PHP is the world’s leading programming language primarily used for web development. Our specialists can optimize PHP settings to dramatically improve performance. Some of the adjustments we can make include optimising PHP’s memory_limit, timeouts, opcode caching, PHP SAPI load balancing, security settings, and error handling.

PHP-FPM Tuning

PHP-FPM is the fastest-available open source PHP handler, which is usually combined with Nginx to provide extreme performance. Some of the many tweaks we can perform to FPM include altering emergency restart thresholds, control timeouts, and process pool configurations.

MySQL - MariaDB Optimization

Database optimization is a critical part for maintaining stability and high performance for your website. We are highly skilled at optimizing MySQL and MariaDB to achieve improved stability and speed. Some of the many improvements we make include configure caching, fine tune buffers and log files, checking for any throttles imposed by the server (disk, network) and many more..


Wordpress can be very resource hungry, especially when you have many active plugins. However, with proper configuration and caching, it can handle thousands of users. We will ensure that all aspects of your WordPress website are correctly optimized, from database through to frontend elements including CSS, Javascript, and HTML.


Magento is a powerful e-commerce application which is used by more than 250,000 websites globally. It is a very resource intensive web application which needs to be finely tuned to work well. We know Magento well and can optimize its configuration so it runs flawlessly with our Magento Server Optimization Service.


Laravel is a popular open-source PHP web framework that powers many popular websites. We are very familiar with this framework and understand how to tweak its configuration and caching setup to work well on any server.

Other Web Apps

Our team is familiar with many other web applications and frameworks. We will help you set your web app and improve its performance.

Image Optimization

There are many open-source tools available for optimizing your images. We can install and configure image optimization tools that will automatically optimize your images in order to improve overall server performance and end-user speed.

CDN Configuration

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are useful for storing and serving static files including images, CSS, JavaScript or even HTML. They can dramatically reduce server load and ensure that website visitors receive data from their closest server. Our team can help you choose the best CDN and set it up to work with your website or server.

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