Plesk Server Management

Nocinit is one of Europe’s leading providers of Plesk Server Management Services.

Our team of skilled technologists will ensure that your Plesk servers are running flawlessly. We will help you harden, optimise, maintain, and backup your Plesk servers, so you can get on with running your business.

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Our Plesk Server Management Workflow

We use a three step process to secure and monitor Plesk servers for our clients.

  • Getting Started

  • Our team performs a security evaluation of your Plesk server to identify any technical issues which could be exploited.
  • We undertake a review of services configuration files to detect any problems which could cause performance degradation.
  • Security & Performance

  • Our team hardens the server's Kernel, protecting it against network attacks.
  • The Web Application Firewall (WAF) is configured using stringent rules that filter and monitor HTTP traffic between your server’s web applications and visitors.
  • Software performance optimization is completed for key applications of your Plesk server, including Nginx, Apache and MySQL.
  • A close watch

  • We will add your Plesk server to our server monitoring software. This will ensures we are immediately notified if your server is performing poorly or under attack.
  • Your server backups are added to our custom backup monitoring system.
  • Our team of specialists will begin monitoring your server 24x7x365 and will be ready to immediately respond to any incidents affecting your Plesk server.

Plesk Server Management Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits obtained by having Nocinit manage your Plesk servers:

For our Plesk tech-savvy customers

Here is some additional technical information on our Plesk server monitoring procedures.


Intrusion Detection System

We use several applications to monitor your server for non-whitelisted long running system processes, malware upload attempts (MD5 Signature Matching) and brute force attacks.

Database Limitations

Our toolkit will monitor resource usage by database systems, quickly identifying any SQL queries which have run for an excessive amount of time.

Web Application Firewall

We will install web server (Apache, Nginx,Litespeed) specific filters which will protect your Plesk server from abusive requests. These filters can also block common software exploits.

Account Resources Limiting

If your Plesk server’s resources are being monopolised by specific accounts, we can apply CPU/RAM/DISK/Network limits. Additionally, we can install our toolkit, which prevents excessive resource usage by database users.

Custom Coded Scripts

Nocinit’s server administrators are talented coders, who can develop new scripts and code snippets which can be used on your Plesk server to perform automated tasks, improve its stability, security, and performance.

Manual Security Checking

Each month, one of our technicians will manually perform several server scans, looking for root kits and other forms of malware. We will stop the any malicious software before it can spread across your server.


Choose between three different Plesk Server Management packages

* All prices exclude 24% VAT, customers who are VAT Registered or reside outside the European Union are not subject to VAT.
** FREE Server Optimization applies to Plesk server management plans subscribed for a minimum of 3 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

No unrealistic promises. We are always 100% honest about the performance of your server and how the services we provide are valuable.

1Do I really need Plesk Server Management and Monitoring?
Servers that are not regularly maintained will experience degraded performance over time. They are also more vulnerable to attacks from hackers, which may lead to costly server intrusions. The team at Nocinit provides a comprehensive Plesk server maintenance services which ensures your server is optimised for performance and security. We will ensure your server software is up to date and running correctly. Our monitoring services are particularly valuable, as they will identify any issues immediately — before they result in an outage or data loss.
2Does your service make my server bulletproof?
No, our service is not designed to make your Plesk server bulletproof and no plesk server management service is guaranteed to make a server bulletproof. However, our security hardening and update services are the best protection currently available.
3Can you guarantee the uptime of my plesk servers?
No Plesk server management service can guarantee 100% protection against power outages and external factors, like natural disasters. However, our sophisticated technologies, skilled administrators, and fast response time will always provide the best possible safety net for your Plesk servers.
4How quickly are service tickets handled?
We provide different levels of service priority, based on the server management package you have chosen. However, our team has a track record of providing incredibly fast response times, averaging 75% quicker than indicated by our Plesk server management plans.
5Do you offer discounts for multiple servers?
We are happy to provide discounts on plesk server management services for clients who have multiple servers. Simply contact us and we will prepare a personalised quote for you.

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