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Managed VPS With cPanel – Benefits Explained

Managed VPS With cPanel – Benefits Explained


You have probably heard about Managed cPanel VPS services offered by web hosting providers. These services are usually intended for websites that require extra resources available in order to serve higher visitor requests.

Virtual Private Server explained

A Virtual Private Server is an emulation of a computer system and resides inside a Host VM (an actual computer system) which controls the allocations of resources, networking, etc.

Similarly, Cloud Servers also work the same way with the key difference being higher availability in terms of available resources.

For instance, when you need to scale up your server with more CPU, RAM, DISK, etc.

Next, the emulation usually happens on a hardware virtualized node as opposed to Virtual Private Servers.

cPanel/WHM explained

cPanel is a control panel web interface for the LAMP stack, intended for controlling a system user conviniently with a large number of tools.

Usually, with a Managed cPanel VPS you also get access to WHM which is the “admin” web interface for the your VPS.

Through it you can create separate system users, configure scheduled backups, adjust firewall rules and many more.

1. Effortless Setup

On a Managed VPS with cPanel your hosting company or cpanel server management provider will take care of all necessary configurations for your server to run properly.

This usually includes the installation of cPanel/WHM, scheduled backups, firewall, bruteforce protection and many more.

2. Backed by a Support Team

As an example if you break your server or you have a request that requires a system administrator, your hosting provider support team will back you up.

3. Monitored for Security and Performance

Your hosting service provider will install several monitoring mechanisms, scheduled security audits and an intrusion prevention system.

In case any system anomaly is detected it will be reported to your hosting provider NOC.

4. Frequently Updated

Frequent software updates, such as updating of PHP Version, MySQL, Apache and other services will ensure your server stays protected from the latest vulnerabilities.

5. Dedicated Environment

Your website can make use of all your VPS resources and enjoy higher performance and serving more visitors.


Lastly, review the contract you have with your hosting provider so that you know exactly what you’re buying.

For the most part, hosting providers only provide customer support for managed virtual private servers.

A Managed VPS with cPanel should definitely include proactive monitoring and regular updates of server software which is a very important part of keeping your server secure and high performing .